The 2017 Mini Countryman: SUV practicality, car-like driving fun

Although we usually cover our own travel costs, in this case that was not an option; flights and two nights accommodation on this trip to Portland were paid for by Mini.

Playing around with the 2017 Mini Countryman in the snow. Video shot by Tom Voelk, edited by Jennifer Hahn. (video link)

Mini: an adjective “denoting a miniature version of something.” When you think of the word in conjunction with cars, the small city car springs to mind. Perhaps it’s not quite a description one associates with the crossover or SUV, but those are the vehicles that consumers are demanding, which is why we travelled to Portland, Oregon, to try out the all-new 2017 Mini Cooper Countryman. It’s the biggest Mini ever—more of a Maxi, really—but it’s also the most practical car in Mini’s range. What’s more, it’s fun to drive, something that can’t be said of most of the breed, and a plug-in hybrid version is even on the way, although we won’t see that until June.

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Source: Ars Technica

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