2017 New York motor show – the 'other' cars gallery

Nissan Rogue One

Nissan’s Rogue One (the X-Trail is the Rogue, stateside) is a champion of wordplay, and demonstrates Nissan’s sponsorship of the new Star Wars film.

Take a step off the beaten path to see what else the New York motor show has to offer

The New York show has begun, and the glossy, well-groomed show cars have made their impact. 

This is New York though; a city of huge diversity in America; the land of the weird and wonderful.

Let’s step away from the main stands, then, to see what oddball offerings the show has to offer. We can’t promise you’ll like 100% of what you see, but the roads less-travelled in motor shows are often where hidden gems are tucked away. 

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Source: Autocar Online

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