Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance 2017 review

Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance

The Golf GTI Performance adds the faintest froth to the standard car’s character; making it no less lovely

Having already sampled the latest Golf GTI in its ‘standard’ format, we move onto the ‘Performance’ version, which has also been updated as part of the wider facelift. The meat of the upgrade (as with its sibling) is a power increase which sees the output of the same 2.0-litre TSI petrol engine increase from 227bhp to a slightly more respectable 242bhp.The moderately larger figure is a welcome feature, likewise the 15lb ft of extra torque made available between 1600 and 4300rpm. Worthy though it was, the word ‘Performance’ had started to look like a misnomer when attached to the previous GTI – a car outperformed in a straight line by virtually every direct rival (some from the VW group itself) when it wasn’t being thoroughly overshadowed by the punchier Golf R.Volkswagen’s decision to introduce a run-out, limited edition ClubSport model last year with 261bhp only served to underline the power deficit. While opting not to equal that car’s output (and risk upsetting its premium-paying customers) the latest model’s extra grunt does at least serve to marginally drop the GTI’s 0-62mph time to 6.2sec – making encounters with fast superminis less trying for Golf owners.Somewhat surprisingly, the manufacturer quotes that same figure for both the six-speed manual and the DSG ‘box; the latter differentiated from the previous version by the introduction of a more parsimonious seventh ratio. As before, the Performance version also benefits from the electronic locking front diff and larger brakes, as well as a smattering of extra equipment, including the Composition Media system, rain sensor and mobile phone interface. 

Source: Autocar Online

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