Lewis Hamilton feels Sebastian Vettel reaction shows psychological weakness

• Briton believes German’s adjudged dangerous driving was result of pressure
• Toto Wolff: nobody wanted schmoozing. Gloves are off. F1 needs the rivalry

Lewis Hamilton believes Sebastian Vettel’s angry reaction in deliberately driving into him at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on Sunday is evidence the German driver is psychologically weak. Hamilton has already described Vettel’s actions in Baku as a disgrace and demanded that, if they are to clash, they should do so like “men” outside the car. Vettel, however, has said he wants to clear the air with Hamilton.

The British driver maintains that Vettel’s move was a result of the pressure he and his Ferrari team have been placed under by Mercedes. The executive director at Mercedes, Toto Wolff, reacted to the incident by saying he was glad the gloves were finally off between the two drivers and welcomed a “war” between them.

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