BMW M4 CS 2017 UK review


The BMW M4 CS plugs the yawning chasm between the regular M4 and the limited edition, track-focused M4 GTS

The BMW M4 CS occupies the middle ground between the standard car and the M4 GTS. Is it the pick of the range?

It might seem odd to describe a near-£90,000 BMW M4 as the middle-of-the-range model, but that’s exactly what the CS is. It plugs the yawning chasm between the regular £58,365 M4 and the limited edition, track-focused M4 GTS, which cost an eye-watering £120,500.The justification for that £89,130 price tag is the use of some of the GTS’s exotic weight saving parts. Truth be told, though, all you’re really getting from the hardcore model is its carbon fibre bonnet and the lightweight door skins (more of which in a moment). It isn’t as though the CS also borrows the GTS’s trick water injection system or its fancy manually adjustable suspension. Instead, it simply uses a revised version of the same adaptive damping system that you’ll find on the standard car.It does get an uplift in power compared to the M4 Competition, though. (That’s the model that carries a modest £3000 premium over the standard car and lifts power and torque to 444bhp and 406lb ft.) The CS is rated at 454bhp and 443lb ft, which has simply been achieved through new engine management software. The CS also gets Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres, the same rubber that was used by the GTS.The carbon fibre rear lip spoiler and front splitter are unique to CS, while the diffuser is lifted from the GTS. BMW says the new model saves 35kg compared to a regular, twin-clutch gearbox equipped M4.The CS is not a limited series model and BMW expects to build around 2000 of them over the next two years. We first sampled the car on roads near the Nurburgring back in May; this was our first opportunity to drive the car on more familiar, and more demanding, British roads. 

Source: Autocar Online

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