Volkswagen Gen.E shows design direction of 2020 Golf

Volkswagen Gen.E shows design direction of 2020 Golf

Insiders say this new electric vehicle has a range of 249 miles; it also demonstrates new robot charging tech

Photographs revealing a new electric powered Volkswagen research vehicle have hit the internet.

The contemporary styled hatchback, which goes under the name Gen.E, was photographed as part of a display showcasing the robot based charging station technology Volkswagen is touting for future use as part of a broad based mobility concept for electric vehicles.

Although Volkswagen is yet to officially comment on the new research vehicle, insiders suggest its contemporary styling provides the first clues to the look of the upcoming eighth-generation Golf, due out in 2020.

Sporting an aerodynamic optimized body, with a low frontal area and vanes integrated into the pillars at the rear, the all-electric Gen.E is claimed to boast an overall range of up 249 miles – bettering the range of the recently facelifted E-Golf by 63 miles.

Key styling cues include a simple full width grille, angular headlamps with distinctive day time running lamps, a steeply rising bonnet line, heavily raked windscreen, long doors with flush handles, small exterior mirror housings that appear to use video cameras  and complex C-pillars with vertical vanes to smooth airflow around the rear.

Reports suggest the Gen.E is based on a new lightweight platform structure optimized for maximum crash safety.

Source: Autocar Online

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