986bhp Lucid Motors Air electric saloon reaches 235mph in test

986bhp Lucid Motors Air electric saloon reaches 235mph in test

The Lucid Motors Air electric saloon made its public debut at the New York motor show with news it has reached 235mph in testing

Chinese-backed American car maker has launched its luxury electric saloon, with up to 986bhp on tap and a Tesla-baiting price tag

The Lucid Motors Air electric saloon, which made its public debut at the New York motor show last March, has now reached 235mph in testing.

Shortly after the New York show, the Lucid Air hit an electronically-limited 217mph in testing (see footage below), but recently returned to a test track in Ohio, US, without the electronic speed limiter and with some tweaks to its air-suspension, where Lucid claims it hit a steady 235mph.

The car is already on sale in America priced from $52,500 – about £43,000 at current exchange rates – but there’s no word as to how much the car will cost in Britain as of yet.

The Tesla Model S rival produces 400bhp in its most basic single motor form, but power can be increased to 1000bhp with a twin-motor, four-wheel drive model. The most potent version has a 0-60mph time of 2.5sec.

As standard, the car has a range of 240 miles, but a 400-mile version is available as an option.

Lucid partnered with Samsung SDI for the supply of the car’s lithium-ion battery cells which they claim have class-leading energy density, power, lifespan and safety, as well as not fading after numerous repeat charges. The same company also supplies batteries for the BMW i3 and i8.

The company is keen to display its optional executive seating, with two reclining seats. The standard is a four-seater, but up to five are available.

Lucid also claims that the car’s air suspension with regenerative valve technology gives it the most comfortable ride in its class.

Lucid has penned the Air as ‘autonomous ready’ and will fit the car with the necessary sensors to make the car fully autonomous when technology and legislation allows.

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The Air will be put into production in late 2018, with deliveries scheduled to begin soon after, although such a long gestation period will make Lucid’s list of rivals far longer than they are at present.

A deposit of around £2000 secures one of the mass-production Lucid air examples, although a launch edition, with production limited to 255, is available with a £20,300 advance deposit. Lucid says that these examples will be well-optioned and will have exclusive, distinguishing features. Pre-orders are currently only available in the USA and Canada.

Source: Autocar Online

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