Picture special: the best of the Ferrari Owners' Club 2017


F50: The F50 wasn’t all that well received initially because it was deemed to be rather soft after the hardcore F40. But then compared with driving an F40, swallowing razor blades would be considered soft…

The annual Ferrari Owners’ Club meeting features some of the finest Italian machines on the planet. Eight F40s in one place, anyone?

This year, Ferrari is celebrating its 70th year as a manufacturer, and 2017 is also a landmark year for the Ferrari Owners’ Club of Great Britain.

The club, open to current and previous Ferrari owners, was founded 50 years ago, and to celebrate has staged a series of events this year. The biggest, this annual Ferrari Owners’ Club Meeting, was held last weekend in Buckinghamshire.

More than 1000 owners streamed into Danesfield House and its magnificent grounds to show off some of the most achingly desirable cars ever made. We were there to witness the splendour; check out the gallery above.

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Source: Autocar Online

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