DS will reveal all-electric SUV next year to rival the Audi Q2

DS7 Crossback

The baby SUV will sit below this, the DS7 Crossback, in the brand’s range

Following the reveal of the DS 7 Crossback this year, there will be three more SUVs from the brand; a baby SUV is next

DS will reveal its second SUV next year, which will rival the Audi Q2 and have an all-electric variant from the start of sales in 2019.

UK boss of PSA, the parent company for DS, Citroen and Peugeot, Stéphane Le Guével confirmed the arrival of the B-Segment SUV as the next model in DS’s brand offensive following the reveal of the DS 7 Crossback SUV earlier this year. 

Ultimately, there will be four SUVs within a six-model like-up, said Le Guével.

The company has previously stated it will launch a model a year for the next four years. This year, it is the DS 7 Crossback while next year will be this smaller SUV.  

Of the remaining two models due by 2021, one will be a standalone hybrid model, with no traditional diesel or petrol engines, according to DS UK development boss Arnaud Leclerc. 

The baby SUV could also indirectly replace the current DS3 supermini. Le Huével said: “The [small car[ market is going toward small SUVs rather than three doors. So there will be a different offering [than the DS3].” Leclerc added that such a move would “make sense”.

Talking about the design of the baby SUV, Le Guével said it would not look like a smaller version of the DS 7 Crossback and instead would have its own distinct look. 

When it goes in sale in 2019, it is expected to have three times the sales of the DS 7 Crossback, according to Leclerc. 

The DS 7 Crossback will be the first alternatively fuelled offering from the brand, with a plug-in petrol hybrid due shortly after launch. The new SUV will be the first DS to offer an all-electric model.

Le Guével confirmed that larger models, such as the DS 7, will have plug-in hybrids, while smaller models such as the Q2 rivalling upcoming SUV, will have all-electric. This tallies with PSA’s broader electrification strategy. For example, the Peugeot 3008 will have a hybrid while the smaller 208 will have an all-electric option. 

Source: Autocar Online

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