Aston Martin DB11 S in development as rival to Bentley Continental GT Supersports

Aston Martin DB11 S takes to the Nurburgring as hotter GT

Hot on the heels of the V8-engined DB11, the DB11 S will sit atop the grand tourer’s range with as much as 650bhp

Aston Martin is preparing a higher-performance version of the DB11, expected to be badged as the DB11 S, for launch in late 2018.

Pitched as a rival to the Bentley Continental GT Supersports, the DB11 S is likely to receive a power boost that could take its total output to as much as 650bhp. 

The Vanquish gained 27bhp when it was transformed into the Vanquish S, but the DB11’s turbocharging leaves scope for even more power, so it’s likely that 30-50bhp will set the DB11 S apart from the regular car.

It’s clear to see the larger air intakes on the development car, housed in a more aggressively styled front end, with a splitter completing the package. 

This bodywork, along with a flap on the rear of the car, suggests a greater focus on cornering ability than outright performance. 

The car also has larger wheels than the DB11’s standard 20in alloys. The car sits slightly lower, with lower, stiffer suspension aiding cornering ability. 

The price difference between the V8 and V12-engined DB11s is £13,000, but the gap between the DB11 and DB11 S is likely to be in excess of £20,000. 

Source: Autocar Online

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