Toyota to introduce game-changing electric vehicle in 2022 – report

Toyota concept

This concept was recently displayed at the Toyota Engineering Society as a vision for 2050

The Japanese car maker is said to be developing a solid state drive battery that can drastically extend range and reduce charging times

Toyota is working on an electric car powered by ‘solid state’ battery technology that can drastically improve driving range and shorten recharging times, according to a report in Japan.

According to the Chunichi Shimbun daily newspaper, the vehicle – which will be based on a new platform – will go on sale in 2022. The paper says that the car maker is working on all-solid-state batteries, a recently developed technology that uses solid electrolytes rather than liquid ones, enabling a higher volumetric energy density than more conventional lithium-ion batteries.

Experts in battery technology claim that the most advanced all-solid-state batteries could be capable of reducing recharging times to less than an hour, which would be a major improvement on the several hours required to fully charge today’s lithium-ion batteries using conventional charging equipment. Solid state batteries can hold more than three times the energy of lithium-ion ones and are said to also have a longer useful life.

Toyota hasn’t commented on the story, but late last year the car maker did confirm its intentions to invest in battery-electric technology by opening a new electric vehicle division.

Toyota’s first battery-electric vehicle, due in 2020, will be capable of travelling more than 186 miles on a single charge, although that car is expected to use more conventional lithium-ion batteries and will pave the way for the first all-solid-state battery car to arrive two years later.

Source: Autocar Online

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