Next Audi Q5 e-tron quattro spotted ahead of launch in late 2018

Next Audi Q5 e-tron quattro spotted ahead of late 2018 launch

Audi’s hybrid Q5 SUV model will be powered by a 2.0-litre petrol engine and an electric motor

The new Audi Q5 range will receive its first hybrid model next year when the Q5 e-tron quattro lands as the most frugal petrol variant on offer.

The model, which has been spotted testing in the US, will be powered by Audi’s EA888 turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine with 188bhp and 236lb ft. Mounted to the Q5 e-tron’s seven-speed automatic gearbox will be an electric motor that’ll inject a further 108bhp and 221lb ft.

Electric power will come from a floor-located lithium ion battery to enable an all-electric range of around 31 miles, as mandated by the Chinese New Energy Vehicle regulations. This is an improvement of about 29 miles over the car’s predecessor, the Q5 Hybrid.

Like that car, the new Q5 e-tron is expected to power its front wheels with the engine, while the electric motor located at the rear drives the back axle. This will earn the car its quattro tag. It’s expected to be the quickest 2.0-litre-powered version available.

No major changes are expected for the rest of the car over other Q5s, meaning it’ll retain electromechanical steering and Dynamic suspension and will be offered with the Virtual Cockpit digital instrument display.

As shown by the development car, no major changes will be made to the Q5’s design, aside from the fitment of e-tron badging.

The Q5 will be the third e-tron model, joining the Q7 e-tron and A3 Sportback e-tron, and will later be joined by the all-electric E-tron SUV.

Audi has remained tight-lipped about the Q5 e-tron, but sources expect it to be revealed late in 2018, shortly after its upcoming rival, the BMW X3 xDrive40e. First deliveries for the Q5 e-tron should therefore take place in early 2019.

Source: Autocar Online

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