Borgward to show sports car concept at Frankfurt motor show

Borgward to show new concept at Frankfurt motor show

Reborn German brand looks to be lining up a performance car concept for September’s event

Reborn German car maker Borgward will reveal a low-slung concept car at the Frankfurt motor show this September.

The car has been previewed with a picture of its bonnet. The image suggests the model will be a sports car, rather than an SUV, like the brand’s most recently revealed production models. It could preview a future halo production model.

Borgward, which was first founded in 1919 but went bankrupt in 1961, returned to the spotlight in 2015 when it revealed its first new model, the BX7 (above). That car is pegged to enter Europe next year, having just received EU Type Approval, but at the moment, it remains a China-only product.

Work on Borgward’s new European factory is taking place in Bremen, Germany, where the company was first founded. The manufacturer aims to deliver 800,000 cars per year by 2020, before ramping up production to produce 1.6 million annually by 2025.

Source: Autocar Online

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