Ever wondered why US Special Forces love the Chevy Suburban so much?

Enlarge (credit: Chevrolet)

The United States Special Forces are perhaps the best tactical fighting force the world has ever seen. Whether it’s hostage rescue, covert operations, or a Bin Laden-esque kill-or-capture mission, the Tier 1 Operators of the US military are the ones to beat.  As any Boy Scout can tell you, being prepared is the key to success. For these operators, it’s about having the best training, the best intelligence, and the best equipment—whether it’s $40,000 night vision goggles that turn day into night or $60,000 blacked-out SUVs.

That last bit is why Chevrolet invited a small group of journalists to Fayetteville, North Carolina, home of Fort Bragg and the Joint Special Operations Command that oversees the Army’s Delta Force and several other elite units. The carmaker’s PR machine wanted to show how some former operators—the preferred term for members of the most elite special forces units in the US—use the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban SUVs in environments a bit more challenging than your typical Whole Foods grocery run.

Our destination was The Range Complex, a shooting range and training facility just outside Ft. Bragg that’s owned and operated by former Delta Force members. It’s a firearm enthusiast’s dream on 1,982 acres (8km2), complete with tactical pistol and rifle ranges out to 100 yards (91m), a 600-yard (549m) long-distance rifle range, a 50-yard (46m) competition training range, and a pair of live-fire shoot houses complete with multiple rooms and an overhead catwalk for instructors to supervise activities.

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Source: Ars Technica

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