Volkswagen Golf R gains new track-focused Performance Pack

Volkswagen Golf R gains new track-focused Performance Pack

Optional Performance Pack upgrades the four-wheel-drive mega-hatch’s brakes, tyres and exhaust

Volkswagen Golf R buyers are now being offered the chance to upgrade the brakes, exhaust and tyres of their car with a new Performance Pack.

The pack, available with three and five-door hatch models as well as the estate variant, has been developed to enhance the 306bhp Golf R’s track pace and boost consistency.

The brake upgrade reduces the car’s unsprung mass by 2kg, thanks to the use of aluminium holders, and offers stronger bite with pads that are more resilient to heat. Cars with the upgrade get silver calipers bearing the R logo.

The Performance Pack exhaust is a titanium system that has been developed by renowned specialist Akrapovič. It weighs 7kg less than the standard system and is less restrictive to gas flow, creating its own, more racey tone.

Volkswagen will also offer the Golf R Performance Pack with semi-slick tyres, but it is yet to confirm the brand and specification of the rubber included. As standard, the car sits on Pirelli P Zero tyres with 18in alloys.

The pack brings no changes to the R’s turbocharged 2.0-litre engine, which produces 280lb ft of torque and is capable of accelerating the four-wheel-drive car from 0-62mph in 5.1sec in manual form and 4.6sec with the optional DSG dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

Pricing for the Performance Pack hasn’t yet been confirmed. For reference, the Golf R starts from £32,710.

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Source: Autocar Online

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