Hyperloop One says it sent a demo pod down its test track

Hyperloop One

Today Hyperloop One claimed that its demo pod reached 192mph (310 kph) on the 500m (1/3 mile) test track that the startup built outside of Las Vegas. Hyperloop One showed off that demo pod last month—it’s basically an 8.7m (28.5 ft) carbon-fiber shell on a magnetically levitating chassis.

This test run follows on a “Phase 1” test that sent a bare-bones sled down the test track at 70mph. At the time, Hyperloop One had said Phase 2 would involve getting to 250mph, but in a recent press release, the startup said that the 192mph test run this month satisfied Phase 2 development goals. Ars has reached out to Hyperloop One for clarification, and we’ll update when we receive a response.

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Source: Ars Technica

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