John Malone, the ‘swamp alligator’ chewing up the UK’s media market

The global ambitions of Malone, owner of Discovery, have brought him repeatedly into conflict with his rival Rupert Murdoch

When the American billionaire John Malone failed in his first attempt to become a major player in the British pay-TV market a decade ago he questioned Rupert Murdoch’s power by dubbing Sky the Death Star. It was a rich comment coming from a man whose fearsome reputation for deal-making in the wild west days of the cable TV market in the 1970s and 80s led Al Gore, the former US vice president, to nickname him Darth Vader.

Last week’s move by Malone’s Discovery – he holds the most voting shares at almost 30% – to buy Scripps Networks in a deal worth $14.6bn (£10.9bn) marks the latest move among the titans of media vying to dominate the global pay-TV market.

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