Autocar confidential: McLaren, Jaguar, Audi, London black cab

Autocar confidential: McLaren, Jaguar, Audi, London black cab

McLaren 720S

Our reporters empty their notebooks to round up this week’s gossip from across the automotive industry

This week’s gossip from the automotive industry has news of the exceedingly popular McLaren 720S, Jaguar’s E-Pace, Audi‘s plans to keep the W12 alive and designing the new London black cab.

The McLaren 720S sells out

More than 1500 orders have been taken for the new McLaren 720S, meaning that the production run is already sold out into 2018.

Some customers are reported to have placed two orders – one for delivery as soon as possible, while the other car goes through the more lengthy order process of being specced through the bespoke MSO department to the customer’s individual tastes.

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Designing the London black cab

Rededigning the new London black cab came with its own type of pressure, says David Ancona, design director and general manager of Geely Design Barcelona.

He recently explained: “If there are [design elements] of a road car you don’t like, you can change them after seven years, but the taxi design must last for at least 20. If I’d got it wrong, I wouldn’t have been able to escape it.

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Jaguar underestimates demand for petrol E-Pace

”During planning of the new E-Pace, Jaguar estimated that the petrol version would account for less than 10% of sales. Due to the changing market, it will now be 15-20%, according to UK boss Jeremy Hicks.

He said: “It’s no problem for us. Our Wolverhampton plant can produce diesel or petrol units as needed.”

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Audi’s W12 to live on 

The new Audi A8 will continue to offer its W12 engine, despite the trend for downsizing.

“It’s a very traditional way of making cars for current markets where there is demand [for the W12],” said Audi’s Peter Fromm. The W12 remains popular in China, which accounted for 32% of all Audi sales in 2016.

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