Infiniti to reveal retro concept at Pebble Beach

Infiniti to reveal retro concept at Pebble Beach

Morgan-esque retro concept, which combines old and new influences, stands little to no chance of reaching production

Infiniti has confirmed that it will take a 1940s-inspired concept car to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. 

Despite Infiniti’s comparatively recent launch in 1989, the brand is creating an electric concept car akin to a Morgan, inspired by grand prix racers from 70 years ago. 

The model, which is highly unlikely to reach production given Infiniti’s ambition to create mass-market premium cars, incorporates modern and old design as well as, Infiniti claims, advanced EV technology under the skin. 

Infiniti’s first preview image shows an open-cockpit single-seater, with a boat-like body shape similar to the Morgan 3 Wheeler. Images of the front and rear of the car have yet to be revealed. 

Construction has likely harked back to the wood-framed cars of that era, with slats underlying the thin, streamlined outer skin. 

The brand pegs early sports cars as the inspiration behind the concept. Design vice-president Alfonso Albaisa’s idea was to make it so authentic that it could have been a car that has been abandoned in a Japanese barn for 70 years.

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Source: Autocar Online

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