Opel offers up to €7000 for diesel trade-in scrappage scheme

Opel offers up to €7000 for diesel trade-in scrappage scheme

In the latest German diesel scrappage scheme, Opel owners can get up to €7000 off the list price of a new car if they trade in their old diesel

Opel has joined the growing number of German car manufacturers in launching trade-in schemes with incentives for owners of older diesel cars. 

German news site Tagesspiegel also reported that Opel would be retrofitting Euro 5 and 6 standard cars with software that would reduce emissions. 

The brand, formerly owned by General Motors but now part of the PSA Group, offers €7000 for owners trading in their Euro 1 to Euro 4 diesel car. The scheme will not be offered to UK customers, says a Vauxhall spokesman, although the brand does have a £2000 scrappage scheme currently on offer. This has been in existence since November last year. 

The incentives start at €1750 for the Karl (Adam in the UK) and the maximum is €7000 for the Insignia. Unlike other German manufacturers’ trade-in initiatives, customers’ traded-in cars must be scrapped.

The spate of scrappage schemes are a result of a diesel summit held between manufacturers and the German government. BMW has expanded its trade-in scheme to the UK; Volkswagen Group is currently weighing up the proposal to bring its scheme to the UK. 

Ford is also understood to be implementing a similar strategy in Germany. The brand’s Mondeo 2.0 TDCi is currently under investigation by German authorities looking into allegations of an emissions cheat device. 

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