Bargain barges: the best used luxury cars on sale

BMW 7 Series (2002-2009)

Price new: from £52,750 (in today’s money: £78,749)
 Price now: from £2500

Depreciation has always haunted BMW 7 Series models, but none more so than Chris Bangle’s most Marmite iteration: the E65 of 2002.

Time has taken the edge off these barges’ idiosyncratic looks, but they still won’t be to everyone’s taste. Still, you can’t fault the amount of car on offer.

The 730d has a few reliability woes, so we would aim for a tidy 730i and enjoy that creamy straight six.

Depreciation might be painful if you’re buying a new luxury car, but it’s the used buyer’s friend. We find 10 brilliant barges now available for bargain prices

If you’re anything like us, you’ll find the idea of a bargain-basement luxury barge endlessly enthralling.

It isn’t hard to see why. They’re cars that were once available to the select few but are now within the grasp of mere mortals like us. They are sometimes little more than a few years old, often still equipped with the latest technology and, crucially, usually available for a fraction of their original price. 

So what if they cost a bit more than your usual hatchback to run? The fact they are near the bottom of their depreciation curve and about to bounce back again should more than make up for that. 

Flick through our gallery above for top luxury picks that’ll let you live the champagne lifestyle – even if you only have beer money to spend.

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