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BMW 3 Series E46

BMW 3 Series Coupé – Built 1999–2006 Price range £650- £23,995 We’d pay £1200

For some (that’s me), this is the last time that the 3 Series looked proper. The big-engined petrols are the place to be, although the opportunity to buy an bangernomics- friendly M3 – one that has suffered a big hit of depreciation – has long gone. A 330Ci from the early 2000s
 is going to be cheap to run. Even better, a Sport version with a full history is CS from an alternative reality. A facelift in 2004 means a subtle price blip for later cars. Look for an example with a credible service history and few previous owners. 

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A small budget needn’t mean a shortage of options when it comes to buying used. Here are bangernomic bargains

Bangernomics is a word that is open to interpretation, but it is all about the sheer good sense of buying and running a used car as opposed to the financially draining and depreciating madness of getting an ill-advised newbie.

Click through the gallery above to see what currently features in our imperfect, constantly changing line-up of pre-owned options.

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Source: Autocar Online

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