F1: Singapore Grand Prix – live!

12.43pm BST

Plus, while we were talking, there was lightning and thunder close by

12.43pm BST

Force India’s Bob Fernley says there will “definitely” be some rain in the race. Looks like about 10 mins in https://t.co/bO1qwRwqvs

12.42pm BST


Might we see some rain during the #SingaporeGP? pic.twitter.com/zgjdDaOC7y

12.41pm BST

Alain Prost reckons things look good for Red Bull.

12.41pm BST

Jackie Stewart, resplendent in Super Gran hat, says this is now one of the premier events of the season.

12.40pm BST

The rain has done some starting and stopping. The grid:

1) Sebastian Vettel — Ferrari — 1:39.491

12.35pm BST

How long before Daniel Ricciardo wins a drivers championship? To my extremely inexpert eye he looks the most exciting to watch and the one with that bit of devil about him.

12.32pm BST

Bantz, etcetera.


Some of us are in a hurry to get started#SingaporeGP #F1 pic.twitter.com/uzfIhwKnyP

12.28pm BST

Fernando Alonso says that McLaren knew they had a chance to do well here*, but is non-committal as to whether Verstappen needs to take Vettel at the start.


12.27pm BST

It’s raining. Not heavily, but nonetheless.

11.34am BST

Sebastian Vettel delivered a quite stunning performance to qualify in pole for the most aesthetically rewarding race of the season, breaking the track record in the process; even Lewis Hamilton reckons he’s likely to win here. The current gap at the top of the driver’s championship is three points in Hamilton’s favour – he’s won the last two GPs – but he’ll do well to still be in control three hours from now.

Lights out: 1pm BST

10.48am BST

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