Ford GT 2017 UK review

Ford GT

Ford’s racing-derived GT copes amazingly well with most UK roads. Unspectacular engine, sheer size and left-hand drive status aside, it’s got massive motorsport charm and appeal

The Ford GT supercar – a grand total of 100 examples of which will be officially sold to UK buyers over the next four years. That’s roughly four times as many as Ford sold of the last-gen GT in Britain – and yet each one of the newbies will cost three times as much as the last ones once did.The company had more than 6000 written expressions of interest in the car, it says, to fill a production run that will extend to only 1000 cars: a quarter as many as it built last time around. Ford may very well flog pickup trucks and hatchbacks by the containership-load, but it’s a long way from naïve about supercar sales. It plainly understands the value of rarity every bit as well as its old Italian racing foe.Never mind the numbers, though: racing is what this new GT is really all about. Built by Multimatic, the same Canadian company than builds the Ford GT FIA GTE racer, which won its class at its first Le Mans outing last year. And, as we found out abroad earlier this year, the road-going version of the GT is very much a converted version of a purpose-built competition machine – whereas most supercars and super GTs that find their way onto a starting grid do so via a route running in the opposite direction.So what, you may wonder, have those hundred GT customers got in store when – or, more likely, if – they venture out onto UK roads in their left-hand-drive, 647bhp, carbonfibre cars? Since Ford lent us one of only two examples of the car to have made it to Europe so far, I can now tell you. 

Source: Autocar Online

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