F1 plan to level the financial playing field can’t come soon enough | Giles Richards

The gap between the big three and the rest has become a chasm but there are now genuine signs of an end to the spending arms race in the sport

As Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel prepare to rejoin their battle for the Formula One world championship in Malaysia, their real competition at the front has been the most welcome feature of a revamped formula. Yet it remains a two-horse race, when what would be glorious to see is a truly competitive, multiple-team fight. It need not be a pipe dream.

How encouraging this week to observe some consensus and optimism about the need to address the spending arms race that has spiralled out of control and resulted in a two-tier grid. Talk of a level playing field has been bandied about before in F1, but there are now genuine signs that in the background the heavy roller is being deployed.

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