A plea to Audi to build a rear-wheel-drive R8 V6

Audi R8 V6

There’s a gap in the market for a mid-engined six-pot sports car that drives its back wheels, Audi…

Audi, this is a request – no, a plea – for you to produce a rear-wheel-drive version of the R8 V6 you are developing but can’t confirm exists.

We’re confident that it exists because our snappers have caught it testing on the continent – and that’s great, even though you can’t confirm it, because there’s a gap for such a sports car on the market.

Your sibling, Porsche, has discontinued the flat-six of its mid-engined Cayman, which many still proclaim was the best attainable all-round sports car. It’s left a gaping hole for a genuinely usable midship-six in this segment.

Good news, then, that the R8 V6 is coming. Hurrah, indeed. Maybe it’ll also fill the void left by the discontinued R8 V8, although I’ve always loved the silky tone of a six-cylinder engine over a V8, anyway. That statement might see a P45 land on my desk…

But there’s one thing: we’re worried the R8 V6 might be all-wheel drive only. This would be a massive shame.

As shown by the launch of your new R8 RWS – you know, the rear-wheel-drive one – there’s a hunger for purer, more basic driver-focused cars. And one available with a V6 engine wouldn’t just plug the hole in the segment, it would help dry the tears of those wishing for another six-pot Cayman – one that’s not limited in production like the GT4.

So, Audi, keep up this momentum after the launch of the rear-drive R8 and do the right thing. Launch a rear-wheel-drive Audi R8 V6, please.

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Source: Autocar Online

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