Mazda previews next-generation 3 and sports car concepts for Tokyo motor show

Mazda design vision concept

The brand will take two concepts to the Tokyo motor show, showing an evolution of its current design language

Mazda has confirmed that it will take two concepts to the Tokyo motor show later this month – one previewing the next 3, the other a dramatic sports car to showcase its next generation of design.

The brand’s Skyactiv-X powertrain is a main focus of its Tokyo motor show effort this year, with the as-yet-unnamed concept precursor to the next 3 being built on Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture. 

This further shows Mazda’s intent with the Skyactiv-X, which will gain a plug-in hybrid variant in 2021 – around the same time as the next 3 is due.

Mazda describes the concept as “a compact hatchback”, but the accompanying image is unmistakably 3-sized and builds on the current-generation 3’s design and proportions, albeit more dramatically for the concept. 

Less is revealed about the so-called “design vision model”, which follows the rotary-powered RX Vision of the last Tokyo motor show, but Mazda confirms that the concept previews its next generation of styling. Unlike the RX Vision, however, the new concept is a four-door coupé, where the RX Vision had only two doors.

“Our stand this year marks the beginning of a new era for Mazda. We will showcase a concept model with the design and technologies that will define a whole new generation of Mazda cars. Among them is Skyactiv-X, a gasoline engine that realises a long-held dream of the global automotive industry.”

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Source: Autocar Online

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