Subaru XV 2018 review

The new Subaru XV is as practical and roomy as ever, and is now more inviting to sit in. Shame it isn’t more athletic

This new XV is Subaru’s first billion-dollar car. That’s not what you’ll pay for it – the latest XV is expected to start at around £23,000 – but it’s what this admirably individual Japanese car company has spent developing its new Subaru Global Platform (SGP).SGP will provide a solid foundation for all future Subarus. And very solid it turns out to be, with the XV achieving the highest-ever rating in Japan’s recently toughened NCAP tests, scoring 199.7 out of 208 points.Among the many features contributing to this is a crash structure capable of absorbing 40% more energy than previously and the latest evolution of Subaru’s EyeSight driver assistance package of pre-collision braking, adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist.Other SGP benefits include torsional rigidity gains of 70-100% over present models, an even lower centre of gravity (by 5mm) than the boxer engine layout already afforded, more rigid suspension mountings, a 50% bodyroll reduction and improved off-road ability. 

Source: Autocar Online

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