Jaguar E-Pace D180 AWD R-Dynamic 2017 review

Jaguar E-Pace D180

Not the driver’s car many would hope from any car wearing the Jaguar badge, but the E-Pace is an attractive and interesting addition to the compact premium SUV ranks

Likely to be the best-selling Jaguar of modern times. The F-Pace already shifts more units all by itself than did Jaguar in its entirety just six years ago, and the E-Pace is likely to eclipse the F-Pace in the same way as the Porsche Macan eclipsed the Cayenne. This mid-spec diesel will be the best-selling E-Pace of them all, at least in the UK and at least until the politicians and tabloid press have succeeded in their campaign to cleanse the roads of diesel-powered cars.Powered by a 177bhp specification version of JLR’s ubiquitous ‘Ingenium’ motor, it offers the same fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as its 148bhp sister when similarly configured with automatic gears and four-wheel drive. Front drive is available with only the lower-powered engine although, in reality, even this car is front-wheel drive until slip is detected at the rear.Otherwise it is as per every other E-Pace – a car derived from the Land Rover Discovery Sport which itself was a highly developed evolution of the old Freelander whose architectural roots could be traced back to the platform developed by Ford for the Mondeo among others. It’s built by Magna Steyr in Austria because all of JLR’s UK SUV plants are already running at triple shift, 24/7 capacity.

Source: Autocar Online

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