Ares Panther revealed as bespoke V10 supercar with pop-up headlights

Ares Project Panther revealed as V10-powered supercar with pop-up headlights

Modena design house applies classic De Tomaso Pantera look to modern V10 base

Ares Design has produced a Lamborghini Huracán-based supercar that features a drastically altered retro design with pop-up headlights.

The Modena design house, which is headed by former Lotus boss Dany Bahar, is producing the model as the first of several custom design creations that use the Huracán’s platform. The process has been named Project Panther.

Influence for the car’s design comes from the De Tomaso Pantera, an exotic Italian supercar that was produced from 1971. Its fold-down headlights and rear buttresses are clear nods to that car’s shape, but the Panther receives modern touches such as large-diameter wheels and handle-free doors. It also features Pirelli P Zero rubber wearing Formula 1-inspired coloured strips.

Beneath its coachbuilt body, the Panther uses the Huracán’s underpinnings and V10 engine – which is the sole mass-produced unit to use 10 cylinders in production. Although no power output has been revealed at this stage, it is expected to beat the Lamborghini’s entry 572bhp output with mechanical upgrades.

Ares Design will produce Panther models at its recently announced facility in Modena, Italy, from early next year. No volume limit has been announced, but expect the numbers to be very small due to the complex nature of custom production and the need for exclusivity from buyers.

The Modena site will also handle production of Ares’ growing range of offerings, which recently gianed Mercedes-Benz G-Class and Bentley Mulsanne-based models. Bahar’s company is also creating 53 bespoke Land Rover Defenders alongside British engineering firm JE MotorWorks.

“Our new facility in Modena works perfectly for the growing market of special requests from car enthusiasts and Project Panther is the first of a portfolio of cars – and other surprises – that we will be presenting at an official opening in January,” revealed Bahar.

Although it sits atop Ares’ range for now, the Panther could be overtaken with a higher-ranking model within 12 months. Bahar is plotting to become a global leader in bespoke car creations, with Ares expanding to incorporate the complete process of custom car production. Bahar said “there is much more to come” in 2018.

Source: Autocar Online

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