New Tesla Model S Shooting Brake design revealed

New Tesla Model S Shooting Brake design revealed

London-based design house adds longer roofline to American electric performance model

A new design for a Tesla Model S Shooting Brake has been revealed, with plans for the car to go on sale from March 2018.

Created by Dutchman Niels van Roij and his team in London, the car is due to be produced by RemetzCar at its coachbuilding facility just outside Amsterdam.

Van Roij’s model features a stretched roofline to give it more of an estate-style rear end and potentially a bigger boot. The car’s tailgate is slanted and extra chrome trim has been added to the sides of the body.

No modifications have been announced for the powertrain, so the Model S’s standard all-electric system will remain.

“The conversion merges seamlessly with the Tesla base vehicle, while clearly communicating through form, design language and materials that this is a tailor-made Shooting Brake,” said van Roij. “And of course, we added a completely new sculpted rear end, keeping the shoulders of the car alive, thus ensuring a bold stance.”

Twenty examples of the model are due to be produced for a yet-to-be-disclosed starting price.

Van Roij’s design is the second Model S Shooting Brake to surface in recent months, following the part-reveal of Norfolk-based Qwest’s design in November. That car uses carbonfibre bodywork and the conversion will cost customers from £70,000.

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Source: Autocar Online

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