Booming Range Rover Velar interest led to early sales complacency, admits boss

Range Rover Velar prices

Initially, huge levels of interest in new Range Rover Velar didn’t lead to booming sales

Introducing price flexibility has led to a surge in Velar sales in the UK, reveals firm’s Global Sales Operations Director

Land Rover and its UK dealers were “probably a bit complacent” about sales of the new Range Rover Velar initially, as a result of the massive interest in the car following its reveal, Andy Goss, Global Sales Operations Director, has admitted.

Stressing that sales were now on track for the BMW X6 and Porsche Macan rival, Goss said that Land Rover was initially surprised by the relatively low ratio of test drives to orders. Launch editions of the Velar costs as much as £85,450, although entry-level versions of the car are available from £44,380.

“We had a couple of things to learn if I’m honest – some adjustments to make,” said Goss. “The moment the car was revealed the enquiry lines were red hot, we were smashing our targets like never before, and I think that led us to believe that the car would sell itself.

“But, of course, life isn’t that easy. We needed to reassess the right approach. Our dealers had taken the levels of interest and set in stone that they wouldn’t need to discount the car to sell it, for instance. Perhaps they saw a surfeit of milk and honey and felt they didn’t have to try as hard as perhaps they might otherwise.

“The adjustments we had to make were small: a tweak in the interest rates on finance, and opening up the space for dealers to negotiate a bit, to give customers what they rightly want and expect – a good value deal. Once we’d done that the orders came in quickly – and last month we comfortably outsold the Macan.”

So far, around 20% of Velar sales have been to Evoque customers trading up, with the vast majority being to customers new to the Land Rover brand. “There are very few Range Rover Sport customers trading down,” said Goss.

Haggled discounts of around £2000 are now possible on the Velar according to latest data, with What Car?’s new car buying marketplace offering dealers selling the car at up to 1.5% discount.

Source: Autocar Online

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