Video: Toyota Hilux Bruiser vs 1:10 Tamiya Bruiser | Christmas off-road showdown

Toyota Hilux

Three challenges, two cars, one quarry: we pitch the legendary Tamiya Bruiser radio controlled car, against its life-size counterpart – the Toyota Hilux Bruiser.

Toyota has created a real-life version of a Tamiya’s famous Bruiser radio-controlled car – so for Autocar’s Christmas special we brought the two mighty machines together. In a quarry.

Which is best at drifting, jumping and hillclimbing: the full-size Arctic Trucks-adapted Hilux, or its R/C forebear? Editor-at-large Matt Prior and our resident road test elf Alan Taylor-Jones put them through their paces to find out in this highly scientific video test.

You can find all of Autocar’s videos (not all of which feature R/C cars…) on our Youtube channel.

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Source: Autocar Online

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