Litchfield Ford Focus RS 2018 review

Litchfield Ford Focus RS

British tuning company has boosted the all-paw hot hatch to 410bhp and 410lb ft, but it’s the improved usability that stands out

Having made its name modifying Subaru Imprezas and, more recently, Nissan GT-Rs, Gloucestershire-based tuning firm Litchfield now offers upgrades for a very wide selection of performance cars, from relatively humble hot hatches to exotic mid-engined supercars. The third-generation, four-wheel-drive Ford Focus RS is the latest model to receive its treatment.The package of upgrades includes drivetrain and chassis modifications that, according to company founder Iain Litchfield, not only make the Focus RS faster, but also more comfortable and better to drive on bumpy roads.Litchfield’s stage two engine upgrade – made up of a remap, a bigger intercooler and uprated exhaust system – increases the engine output to 410bhp and 410lb ft, gains of 65bhp and 60lb ft over the standard car.The chassis upgrades, meanwhile, are more intriguing still. Having worked closely with renowned suspension experts KW, Litchfield has developed a damper package that still works with the Focus RS’s switchable suspension modes. That means a Litchfield-upgraded Focus RS still offers its driver the choice of Normal, Sport and Track suspension settings, which can be toggled via the usual button.In all three modes, Litchfield’s damper upgrade has been tuned to offer enhanced ride comfort and bump absorption, which should make the car better equipped to deal with tricky British back roads.

Source: Autocar Online

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