Nissan to reveal new autonomous concept at Detroit motor show

Nissan to reveal new autonomous concept at Detroit

Little more than the front wing can be seen in the video preview

Japanese brand releases first preview video but gives few details away

Nissan will reveal an autonomous concept at the Detroit motor show this month, demonstrating its predictions for the future of mobility.

The Japanese manufacturer has released a preview video that announces the model will have an urban focus and mix futuristic technology with traditional design.

It shows flashes of the car’s exterior, including a glimpse of its front wing and headlight, suggesting it will have a sleek body shape and features that match the brand’s latest design language.

Nissan has ramped up investment in driverless technology since it revealed its Intelligent Mobility plans in 2016. It recently revealed that it has sold 75,000 cars with its Propilot technology.

The firm has just launched its most autonomous capable model, the new Leaf, which uses a more advanced Propilot suite of systems that can steer, accelerate and brake on highways and in single-lane low-speed traffic. In addition, the car features an autonomous parking system.

Since early last year, Nissan has been showing its pre-production autonomous technology progress to external stakeholders in a bid to encourage regulators to make it easier for driverless cars to be used on roads. The brand has also launched a car sharing scheme with its Micra in order to cater to this growing segment.

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