542bhp Velar SVR to be quickest Range Rover yet

Range Rover Velar SVR: 542bhp super SUV due this October

High-performance SUV is due in October with a supercharged V8 engine

Land Rover has shoehorned a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 into a Range Rover Velar to create its quickest SVR model yet.

The Velar SVR, as it is expected to be called, will go on sale in October as a potent alternative to the BMW X6 M, mixing Land Rover off-road ability with savage performance.

Insurance database information confirms that the hot Velar test car is using a 5.0-litre V8. It’s likely to be Jaguar Land Rover’s ubiquitous supercharged motor in identical form to the Range Rover Sport SVR‘s, producing 542bhp and 502lb ft of torque and giving the Velar SVR the ability to get from 0-62mph in around 4.2sec.

Although the Velar SVR, which has most recently been spotted testing at the Nürburgring, will be cheapest model so far from the Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) high-performance division, it is likely to rank as the quickest, due to its smaller size and lighter weight.

Range Rover Velar review

The aluminium-based Velar will receive a host of SVR weight-saving measures to bring its kerb weight down to about 1800kg. While still no featherweight, that would make it a significant 465kg lighter than the X6 M and close to 500kg less than the Range Rover Sport SVR.

SVO’s engineers are finalising the car’s chassis set-up, which will include new performance settings for the air suspension, including a firmer, sportier mode designed for enthusiastic driving.

Beneath the camouflage, the test car’s rear bumper looks to have gained a diffuser between two new exhaust exits. It also has new, lighter wheels.

Along with the BMW X6 M, the Jaguar F-Pace SVR, which is due to arrive in June, will be a rival from the same stable as the Velar. That car is expected to get the same V8 but in more potent F-Type SVR specification, meaning it’ll produce 567bhp and be capable of 0-62mph in less than 4.0sec.

Despite their similarities, the SVR F-Pace and Velar models will focus on slightly different areas of the market, with the Jaguar prioritising on-road performance and the Velar retaining more of its off-road ability.

The Velar SVR is expected to be priced at around £90,000, making it almost £10,000 cheaper than the larger Range Rover Sport SVR.

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