Porsche engine boss arrested on suspicion of diesel emission manipulation

Following a raid on offices and homes of Porsche’s high ranking officials, its powertrain development boss Jörg Kerner has been taken into custody

Porsche powertrain development boss Jörg Kerner has been taken into custody following a raid on offices and homes belonging to high ranking officials from the German car maker by lawyers and staff of the Stuttgart public prosecutor’s office and the German police this week.

According to information from the Stuttgart public prosecutor’s office, the 48-year-old German engineer was arrested on Thursday [19 April 2018] on suspicion of fraud related to the dieselgate emission manipulation scandal.

Earlier in the week, German media reports suggested Porsche research and development boss, Michael Steiner, was also among the officials being investigated for possible involvement and/or knowledge of matters relating to the manipulation of diesel emission figures via secret software programs.

In an official statement issued on Friday on the accusations being levelled at Porsche and its employees relating to the fitment of so-called defeat devices in various diesel models, including the Macan and Cayenne, Porsche chairman, Oliver Blume said: “Porsche does not develop or produce any diesel engines or diesel software. The prosecution has accused Porsche of being aware that impermissible control equipment was installed. We reject this accusation.”

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Source: Autocar Online

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