Race-inspired Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR gets 286bhp


The sketch of the Golf GTI TCR hints at the car’s styling

As a nod to the Golf GTI TCR racer, Volkswagen is adding another performance variant to its GTI range

Volkswagen has released a sketch of a part of a hot Golf GTI TCR, which will sit above the GTI Performance but below the Golf R in terms of power.

It is also the fastest Golf yet. With the limiter removed, it can reach a maximum speed of 164mph, 9mph more than the Golf R.

The model is a road-going version of the 345bhp Golf GTI TCR racer, which participates in the World Touring Car Cup series.

New Golf Mk8 arriving in 2019

The GTI TCR is in similar in concept to the limited-edition 2016 Clubsport Edition 40, which marked the GTI’s 40th birthday, and was a top-of-the-range GTI which sat just below the next rung-up, the Golf R.

The TCR gets 286bhp, more power than the GTI Performance which has 242bhp and less than the Golf R which has 306bhp.

It will also undercut the Performance’s 0-62mph benchmark sprint of 6.2secs, but a time has not yet been confirmed.

The model will be fully revealed at Volkswagen’s famous annual GTI meet at Worthersee on Thursday 10 May, ahead of going on sale at the end of the year.

With the new Golf arriving next year and plenty of talk about the next-generation Golf GTI, Volkswagen will be keen to maintain interest in the GTI as it approaches run-out. This latest special-edition model will help achieve this.

The next-generation VW Golf GTI is set to adopt a mild hybrid powertrain that promises to boost performance and refinement while reducing fuel consumption and emissions compared with the current model.

The adoption of the 48V electrical system and integrated starter motor on the new hot hatchback is part of the powertrain overhaul across the Mk8 Golf line-up. The changes are also set to make the upcoming model the most powerful series-production Golf GTI yet.

Scheduled to go on sale in the UK in 2020, the Mk8 Golf GTI will retain an internal combustion engine: VW’s familiar turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol unit.

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