Morgan Plus 8 50th Anniversary Edition 2018 review

Morgan Plus 8 2018 review hero front

This 50th Anniversary Edition is the final Plus 8, and it represents a bygone era, not only in how it looks but also in how it drives. And therein lies its charm

Perhaps the biggest problem today for the motoring hack facing a clump of empty pages armed with nothing more than a new car to review is that such machines are now usually irritatingly complete, rarely terminally flawed and as a result almost always poor objects at which to aim your trenchant criticism.So how refreshing it is to review a new car that’s manifestly flawed in most regards and properly deficient in one or two. But then again, the Morgan Plus 8 is not new at all.This year marks its half-century and, to celebrate, Morgan is going to kill it stone dead. But not before it’s knocked out 50 of these Anniversary Edition models, one for each year of the model’s life.The car is mechanically standard but presented so as to evoke the memory of the original and most famous Plus 8, a well-raced car known as MMC 11 after its numberplate.So alongside the usual plaque, there’s a domed aluminium cover where you’d have once seen a spare wheel, a front towing eye painted yellow, wheels designed to mimic closely those of the original Plus 8, white-tipped ‘cannon’ exhausts and white brake calipers. There’s bespoke instrumentation and upholstery, too.The car comes in two colours – green for those equipped with a conventional soft top and blue for the Speedster version seen here.Yet there’s something of the smoke and mirrors about this car, because the only thing about today’s Plus 8 that’s actually 50 years old is the name. The car itself died in 2004 when supplies of the Rover V8 that had powered it since its introduction in 1968 ran out.

Source: Autocar Online

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