Production shake-up at Land Rover as it readies new Range Rover

Jaguar Land Rover to move Discovery production out of UK

Discovery production to move from Solihull to Nitra, Slovakia; Evoque production to remain at Halewood in next-generation

Jaguar Land Rover has announced an overhaul of its UK manufacturing operations, revealing plans for a new family of Range Rover models, and the moving of Discovery production to JLR’s new facility in Nitra, Slovakia.

A JLR statement also detailed plans for a refit at the Halewood production facility in Liverpool ahead of the next Range Rover Evoque’s launch next year – meaning the entry-level Range Rover will continue to be produced at the plant.

Alongside this, JLR says “a significant investment and technology upgrade” in Solihull will prepare the plant for other new and upcoming Land Rover models. These will be the next Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, which will be built on an all-new architecture. 

A company spokesman said that the refit would free up future capacity for the Solihull factory. It is possible a new family of electrified and electric JLR cars coming from next year, including the relaunched XJ and Range Rover EV, codenamed Road Rover and expected to be launched before the start of the next decade, could be built at the plant, as part of JLR’s desire to build electric cars in the UK. 

No expansion in the Solihull factory’s physical size is planned as a result of the shift in production, but JLR claims the planned change in models helps to futureproof the facility. The investment in the UK facilities is said to be in the “hundreds of millions”.

The opening of the Nitra plant was originally intended to take pressure off JLR’s UK factories, sharing Discovery production with the Solihull plant. Instead, Nitra will now produce all Discovery models. The next-generation Defender is also set to the built there, given its relationship to the Discovery’s underpinnings and the lower production costs. 

JLR released a statement on the impact on jobs: “The decision to move the Land Rover Discovery to Slovakia and the potential losses of some agency-employed staff in the UK is a tough one but forms part of our long-term manufacturing strategy as we transform our business globally.”

In April, JLR laid off 1000 of its 40,000-strong UK workforce following a 21% downturn in UK demand, a 12% decrease in European demand in the first three months of the year, and a 20.9% decrease until the end of May. 

Around 46,000 Discoverys are made annually in Solihull, with 80% of these heading for foreign markets. The move to Slovakia for Discovery production takes effect at the start of 2019. The Discovery makes up around 10% of Land Rover’s total sales. 

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Source: Autocar Online

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