McLaren Senna vs 720S | Part 4: which is the most fun to drive?

McLaren Senna vs 720S - part four

In the final episode of our four part series, the road test team decide which is more fun – the track star Senna or road-biased 720S?

After two weeks, it’s finally judgment day. Time to decide which of McLaren’s two top models our road test team would rather own and drive every day.

Will it be the 720s – designed primarily for the road, but still every bit the supercar? Or will it be the Senna – built to smash lap times at the track, but still road-legal when it’s time to drive home?


There’s no question these are two exceptional cars, as our three previous videos have shown. We’ve raced them both from 0-100mph and back to 0. We’ve sent them both on flying laps of the Anglesey circuit to find out what a difference the Senna’s copious aero upgrades make to track times. And we’ve thrown away the ear defenders to find out which one sounds the best when being driven at the limit.

In this final video of our four-part series, we deliver a final verdict on which car is best.


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Source: Autocar Online

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