McLaren 720S Track Pack 2018 UK review

McLaren 720S Track Pack 2018 UK first drive review - hero front

Woking’s most focused Super Series model gets even more circuit-friendly to compete with the Ferrari 488 Pista and Porsche GT2 RS

You are forgiven for thinking McLaren Automotive – the marque’s increasingly successful road-car division, in operation since 2010 – has been requisitioned by the good people of McLaren Racing.In no time at all we’ve been handed an embarrassment of trackday riches. There is, of course, the mighty Senna – a heavily circuit-biased supercar that follows the function-over-form mantra to an almost comical degree. It’s the quickest car this magazine has ever tested but can, alas, quickly drill you into a tired stupor on the road.Then there is the 600LT – a stripped-out, aero-clad version of the McLaren’s brilliant, more accessible Sports Series model. If you want a McLaren it’s the current sweet-spot, but don’t let the fact it works so freakishly well on the public highway (albeit a relatively smooth one) obscure its true raison d’etre: trackdays.There is more. Only last week news broke of a road-illegal Senna GTR with slick tyres, GT3-spec suspension and a diffuser that belongs at La Sarthe. The engineers at Woking claim the car will generate a tonne of downforce, which means it will be scary close to pulling off that famous old F1 trick of being able to drive on the ceiling. Theoretically. Chief test driver Kenny Bräck will surely give it a damn good go anyway.Is this not what precisely what would happen if a racing outfit got the keys to the product-planning department?And now there is this – the 720S Track Pack. It’s a package McLaren has already applied to the 570S, both in coupe and Spider form, and with one in ten orders specifying it as an option for those models there is clearly an appetite for something a little bit raw, if not in substance then in style. 

Source: Autocar Online

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