Audi A1 2018 review

Audi A1 front tracking

Second-gen premium supermini gets a little bit larger and a lot more customisable as Audi sets its sights on Mini buyers

The latest Audi A1 is a mainstream car in a way that, say, the Audi A2, or even the first A1, was not. They were both ‘nichey’, but the new A1 has been honed specifically to target entirely conventional rivals. Even just one conventional rival: namely, the five-door Mini hatch.And so the latest A1, a five-door-only model because only 20% of previous A1 buyers ever bought a three-door, and being small-ish and affordable-ish means Audi only makes small profits on each one, hence the Volkswagen Group MQB-A0 architecture and no room for stragglers. There is a range of small petrol engines – no diesels – of between 115bhp and 197bhp for now, with manual or dual-clutch automatic ’boxes, all driving the front wheels, although it’s hard to imagine a fast S1 version won’t come later.Now that Audi has adopted its numeric engine naming system based on power output, there are three different ways to identify an A1. The 30 has a 1.0-litre with 115bhp, the 35 is a 1.5 with 147bhp and the 40 is a 2.0 with 197bhp. We’ve tried them all but spent most time in the 35. A 25, another three-cylinder 1.0-litre with 94bhp, will follow soon after the model’s UK launch in February. That’ll be priced from less than £18,000, the 30 operates in the low-£20,000 area and, like a Mini, you’ll be able to spend £30,000 if you try.

Source: Autocar Online

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