Ford Fiesta-based SUV set to replace EcoSport in 2020

Ford Fiesta-based SUV

Ford Fiesta-based SUV

Ford will reinvent its compact crossover as a model more closely aligned to the Fiesta, and prototypes have begun testing

The new Ford Fiesta-based small SUV, which will replace the Ecosport in the firm’s range, has been spied testing for the first time.

The new compact crossover has been photographed sporting heavily disguised Fiesta-based bodywork, but with a clear SUV-style raised ride height.

The as-yet-unnamed new model – which could continue the Ecosport nameplate or take on a new identity more closely aligned to the Fiesta – will serve as a replacement for the ageing Ecosport as the smallest model in Ford’s SUV range.

Linking the styling of the new car closer to the Fiesta could help Ford increase its competitiveness in the fast-growing crossover market. The Fiesta was the best-selling car in Britain in 2018, while the Ecosport has long struggled against rivals such as the Nissan Juke and Seat Arona.

It is set to share a platform – and likely an engine range, including the popular Ecoboost petrol powertrains – with the Fiesta. That means it is likely to use a front-wheel-drive powertrain, although a four-wheel-drive system could potentially be carried over from the current Ecosport.

It will sit alongside the Fiesta Active, which is a jacked-up version of Ford’s hugely popular supermini. 

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Source: Autocar Online

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