Lexus RC 300h 2019 review

Lexus RC 300h 2019 first drive review - hero front

Lexus’s four-seat coupé gets a mid-life revamp, but is it still a left-field alternative to recommend?

The relaunch of Lexus’s striking four-seat coupé, sporting a mid-life revamp three years after its launch. It’s a niche model, this – coupés make up around 7% of the (admittedly large) premium sector, but the German ‘big three’ have more than 80% of that sewn up. BMW sold around 3900 4 Series in November last year across Europe, when Lexus shifted just 77 RCs. It’s a minnow in an already relatively small pond.Nevertheless, it’s got exclusivity on its side, and is a unique prospect in this sector as nobody else offers a hybrid-powered four-seat coupé. Lexus tried to go mainstream with the turbocharged, non-hybrid RC200t, but that has since been dropped due to lack of interest, leaving just one powertrain and three newly rearranged trim levels.

Source: Autocar Online

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