Christian Horner: Liberty Media underestimated what it took on in F1

Red Bull’s team principal convinced the sport’s owner rushed through expensive but futile rule changes for this season

Christian Horner, Red Bull’s team principal, believes Formula One’s owner, Liberty Media, has seriously underestimated the challenge it faces in running the sport. Horner also questioned the company’s attempt to use a US-based approach to F1 and said he does not expect rule changes imposed for the new season to be effective.

Liberty, a US-based media group, took over F1 in 2017 and has been clear in its intent to adapt the sport to increase its popularity. However, it inherited the current formula and commercial deals from the former CEO Bernie Ecclestone and real change has been slow in forthcoming. It is still facing the serious task of reaching a settlement with the teams for new regulations for 2021 alongside a new concorde agreement – the commercial contract with the teams and the FIA – for the same year, the complexities of all of which Horner believes it may have misjudged.

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