Max Verstappen will be compelling F1 watch, more so if engine can deliver

Dutchman is starting his fifth season in F1 and the principal thinks that the 21-year-old’s work with Honda will produce and more invested and rounded driver

Mad Max no more was the Red Bull team principal Christian Horner’s assessment of his driver Max Verstappen’s forthcoming season. Horner, always engaging in discussing the characters of his drivers, was confident that this year it will be mature Max behind the wheel. Yet the test the young Dutchman faces may be his most challenging; watching whether he can deliver on Horner’s optimism should be compelling.

Verstappen is 21, and has an undeniable talent, aligned to a forceful, uncompromising self belief that has been at times to his detriment as well as his advantage. In both cases he has been impossible to ignore. F1 needs characters fans can relate to and care about, and in that sense Verstappen’s name is already writ large on the marquee.

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