Honda could announce Swindon factory closure tomorrow

Reports suggest Honda will announce plans to close plant in 2022, putting 3500 jobs at risk

Honda is expected to announce that its Swindon production facility will shut in the next three years, according to several news reports.

The closure of plant, which is the international home of Civic production, could be disclosed in a plan by the Japanese maker as early as tomorrow morning, Sky News suggests. 

Though yet to be confirmed by Honda itself, the move would be a huge blow for the government’s hopes of the UK remaining an established manufacturing hub after Brexit, as well as the firm’s 3500-strong workforce in Swindon. 

It is thought that the threat of import tariffs for European-made cars from Donald Trump’s administration is a significant factor in the plant’s future, as the US is one of the Civic’s main markets. Other factors, including Brexit uncertainty and the decline in demand for diesel vehicles, are thought to be impacting on the viability of the factory.

Honda UK Manufacturing, which was established in Swindon in 1985, has seen a £1.5bn investment in total across the facilities numerous buildings. Back in 2008 Swindon produced over 230,000 cars annually, but with production Jazz and Accord since moved elsewhere in the world the plant’s production has nearly halved in a decade. 

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Source: Autocar Online

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