Robert Kubica: ‘You gain nothing from giving up. You have to adapt’

On the eve of an incredible return to F1, the Williams driver explains how his difficult character helped him overcome the physical and mental effects of losing part of his arm

Robert Kubica is all too aware of the staggering odds he has defied in making his return to Formula One, but his achievement truly hits home upon greeting him in the Williams motorhome. The measure of the remarkable comeback he will make when he takes to the grid for next Sunday’s Australian Grand Prix is starkly illustrated when the Pole leans in to shake hands. His eyes still gleam with a piercing strength of purpose but beneath them his right forearm, partially severed in an accident eight years ago, carries little weight in the handshake and bears the visible disfigurement of repeated surgery.

Even now on the eve of his return, it seems hard to believe he has overcome such a calamitous injury, but for Kubica it was the psychological battle that proved to be the greatest challenge of his life.

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You live in a different situation, so in the end there is a kind of switch. I discovered how powerful the brain can be.

 There have been plenty of drivers switching seats in the buildup to the new season. Daniel Ricciardo has left Red Bull for Renault, with Carlos Sainz moving to McLaren after Fernando Alonso’s departure. Frenchman Pierre Gasly has been promoted from Toro Rosso to replace Ricciardo, with British-Thai driver Alex Albon taking his place. 

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