BMW X7 2019 review

BMW X7 2019 first drive review - hero front

Vaster than our road networks need, but undeniably capacious and finely furnished with it. Brisk and defter than most seven-seaters but no sports SUV

This is probably the most regional car BMW has designed.Its big-grilled largeness is aimed at buyers in America, the Middle East, China and other Asian markets, and judging by the enthusiasm with which it was viewed by colleagues from Dubai, it looks as if BMW may have hit the target.These buyers are offered a version with a petrol V8 that we won’t get, its twin exhausting spitting dune-assaulting promise even at idle.European buyers, who will need to think hard about where they might park this seven-seater before committing, can choose between the 335bhp V6 xDrive 40i sampled here, a 192bhp xDrive30d or a 290bhp M50d.The X7 shares the recently renewed X5’s platform, but it’s substantially bigger than that car, occupying a footprint 5.15m long and 2.0m wide less door mirrors. The X5 shares the same width, but come in at 4.92m long and 1.75m high, the taller X7 topping 1.81m, which certainly contributes to the idea that you’re driving a gargantuan beast. So does looking over your shoulder towards the distant tailgate.

Source: Autocar Online

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